Inno China 2018

Singapore, April 21-29, 2018

Inno-China Startup Competition 2018

This is an annual international entrepreneurship competition for “DEEP TECHNOLOGY”

(E.g. Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Mechanical Automation, Electronic Technology, New Material, New Energy, Medical Devices, Medical Diagnostics, etc).


Leveraging on the industrial strength of Yangtze River Delta, technical support of Chinese Academy of Science, and financing support of capital investment, this event will create the excellent entrepreneurial platform for Singapore talents to explore China market.


Since 2013, we have held five successful “Inno-China” competitions and accepted over 500 entries in which more than 50% of entrepreneurs are Ph.D. Participated team will have chance to raise capital investment from 500,000RMB to 10,000,000RMB.



  • Plasma Innovation Labs, Singapore
  • Shanghai Jiading Business Incubator, China


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GW-FMD 2018

Singapore, January 11-13, 2018

Global Workshop on Functional Materials and Devices (GW-FMD 2018)

The workshop focuses on novel functional materials and nanostructures in combination with modern devices, as well as on the physics of new devices and sensors, nanostructured materials and nano scaled device characterization. Special attention is paid to fabrication and properties of modern low-power, high-performance, miniaturized, portable sensors in a wide range of applications such as telecommunications, radiation control, biomedical instrumentation and chemical analysis. New approaches exploiting nanotechnologies to pave a way between “More Moore” and “More than Moore” are the enabler for different kinds of sensors and devices which will consume less electrical power, be more portable and totally compatible with modern microelectronics products.


  • Society of Interdisciplinary Research, Singapore
  • Plasma Innovation Labs, Singapore


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Singapore, January 8 – 12, 2018

2nd International Conference on Micropropulsion and CubeSats (MPCS-2018)

Encouraging example of highly efficient miniaturized thrust systems were demonstrated and discussed at the First International Workshop on Micropropulsion and Cubesats held in Bari, Italy, in June 2017.


Given the impressive success of this meeting which brought together many leading international experts in the field, the Second Conference is scheduled to take place in January 2018 in Singapore, at the Plasma Sources and Application Centre / Space Propulsion Centre, Singapore, with the 3rd meeting already scheduled to take place in July 2018,  Washington DC.


Oral and poster presentations about cutting-edge research on science, design and application of smart, multifunctional micro-propulsion platforms, systems and devices, as well as miniaturized electric propulsion thrusters of various types including Hall thrusters are invited.
The third MPCS Conference in tentatively planned to July – August 2018, Washington DC.



  • Plasma Sources and Application Center / Space and Propulsion Center, NIE, Singapore
  • Plasma Innovation Labs, Singapore
  • Institute of Advanced Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • George Washington University, USA
  • Australian National University, Australia
  • CNR-Nanotec – P.Las.M.I. lab, Bari, Italy


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